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What’s in your Kitchen Drawer?

What’s your kitchen drawer is more fun than what’s in your wallet at the moment.

Some leave them all empty but I like to stock my kitchen and peak in the drawers at times. I must confession that when I first got into miniatures that seems over the top but things changed over time AND I now get a kick out of knowing things are tucked away in cabinets and drawers of my kitchens.

Since they are so useful and add to the settings so easily, I decided they are perfect to share with you! I hope you find lots of places to put them or change them out to match the meal or even tuck them in a drawer or two. Enjoy! Please remember this is for your own use. They are not for resale.

The pdf file to print — Towels for your kitchen.

Here is the brand I used to print them on …..

The brand of fabric to print on that I used.

Here is some examples of their use as props in displays besides filled the tea towel drawer….

Adding a warm touch to sharing a bite together.
Never enough cake in my miniature world!
Decking out the feast with linens and color.
After any good meal there is good conversation while drying the dishes.

The kitchen towel for drying dish was stiffened with Aileene’s Stiffen Quik. For more on this step, refer to the hanky tutorial on my other blog.

Or for a photo shot of the many places to tuck a towel in place to add a splash of color and detail!

Along with the towels I thought I would highlight a few simple treasures from other artists that add detail in a kitchen that you might like……….

Outstanding crochet potholders by minigio
Some wonderful breads by CspykersminiaturesUS on Esty

It is those little details that make you smile when setting up a scene. So put the kitchen towels to use in your kitchen and tuck a few in a drawer. It will make you smile knowing what’s in your drawer!