Back in the Kitchen Finally!

It has been a long, long lapse of time. I had such great plans for this year for gearing up with more postings. Unfortunately, the miniature mojo vanished and I became obsessed with hand piecing quilt blocks. It was a change of pace with fussy cutting and evening TV work this winter. It seemed a switch got turned off and I had no idea how to turn it on again – I just had to wait it out. Finally, the basement workroom isn’t so unattractive and it is beckoning again. I am still stitching but I can seem to lay it aside for a bit.

The fabric playing that kept my attention so long

It has been a topsy turvy year for us all and you just have to find something to escape to when it seems too much. Hobbies of all sorts are great for that. You can focus on doing something when all the big issues of daily life are getting overwhelming.

My kitchen vignette was to display some of my miniature foods I collect and make. Last year I made the barbecue dinner scene that I really, really liked -I just couldn’t seem to dismantle it and replace it with something else. So much for my planning!

The ever so good barbecue dinner!

Fast forward to now – I finally cleared my kitchen and now trying to plan what to serve next. So many good recipes….ummm!

A stack of cookbooks with an open one to thumb through to find something to fix for supper. Thinking about food has made me hungry so time for tea and a nibble.

Browsing the cookbooks looking for inspiration!
Details for tasty realism

I love this little open pastry with the oozy center. Sorry I don’t remember the maker but the detail is perfect! Sometimes it is the simplest thing is what grabs your attention and holds your focus.

I hope that has you curious to see what’s up in the kitchen! Check back soon!