All projects need a starting point

A Family Favorite

Mouth watering ribs with side dishes! Grab a plate!

This scene is a combination of factors.

March has the big 12 college basketball finals in Kansas City. The evening news has been highlighting the event and mentioned how the finals and barbecue (something that Kansas City is famous for) have grown together when people come from out of town for the event. We live about 2 hours away from there.

About a year ago I got the ribs from Diane O’ Neill ( Dollshousefood). They were the most believable ribs that I had seen in miniature. I couldn’t get over the detail whenever I looked at them or pulled them out to show someone when they were visiting and looking at my miniatures.

So it got my wheels turning for a big rib dinner in my kitchen. I like to collect my family’s food favorites beside pretty desserts.

The ribs hot from the oven and has the last coat of sauce!

My husband is a big barbecue fan and KC masterpiece is our favorite sauce. I experimented to make a pastry brush and bowl of sauce so it looks like the ribs are fresh from the oven and just had the last coat of sauce. Naturally, baked beans accompany the ribs. The beans are by Betty Accola. The slice of bacon on the top is perfect! Also, a nice tossed salad and dressing to fill out the meal. Getting hungry yet?

Of course, on the back counter is a tasty angel food cake with berries – IF there is any room for dessert after this hearty meal!

Cake with berries to satisfy the sweet tooth.
All projects need a starting point

A Slice of Miniature Life


This blog is to share the artistry of food in miniature. I have been drawn to tiny plates of food for a long time. So here I get to visually share my foods that I have collected and occasional make (mine are less elaborate due to limits of my skill but still I have FUN).

My tiny foods have given me many hours of pleasure and I wish to share my enthusiasm for this hobby. I have been involved with miniatures for many years I want to share some of the tricks and tips that I have learned along the way. There are less miniature shops now days and you may be far away from a club or show so through the blog the distance is shortened to this tiny kitchen table. I hope you be inspired or curious enough to dabble!

So many things can be shared while sitting together enjoying a slice of cake and a cup of tea.

So please, step into my miniature world…..

Would you care for a slice of cake?

The mold, first layer of color and a finished bundt cake

The cake isn’t particularly fancy but it is from a class I took years ago. We made several from the mold and iced them. This one remained unfrosted but I like its color and the transformation from clay to cake. I am rather fond of poppy seed cake so it is still a favorite of mine.

Elegant China

The china is Chyrsnbon plastic dishes transformed by True to Scale decals. I love the delicate pattern of this design.

true 2 scale decals
Water decals to dress up the dishes

Here is the wall shelf with the larger plates and an another faux china plate. If you wish to make some faux china, check out the tutorial on my other blog. It helps when you need something for wall or shelf.

Inexpensive china that looks great!

The teapot with the knitted cozy keeps the tea warm for a refill is created by Helen Palenski of New Zealand.  She knits a wide array of toys besides the cozies.

Hand knitted tea cozy

The hutch offers a wealth of area to display cooking items.  Canisters, recipe box, mixing bowls, paper towel holder, etc.

A suggestion of kitchen in use with the various cooking items.

Add a picture to the wall, a houseplant, a rug under the table….and it begins to look like a cozy kitchen without having a dollhouse or entire kitchen roombox.  

A good view of the room

Now pulling further out to see the entire structure…….two walls, a floor and ceiling ( off for the moment) and removed for photos is a plexiglass cover to keep it protected. entire-structureThis is a way to have a small slice of detail to add to as you make or collect that is manageable but still capable of having quite a lot of detail.  Not so many decisions on colors, furniture, etc. to overwhelm you but simply allows you to PLAY!


Speaking of play…

Here is a simple paper towel holder to make for a kitchen.  I had a round wood piece for the base.  A button could be used if that is more accessible.

The upright rod is from a tiny turning piece cut with the tip sanded to make it a rounded knob. Glue it to the base.  Stain or paint as you like.the-tube

The tube is a piece of a straw.  My straw had too big of a diameter, so I sliced it and taped it back together to make it smaller and in scale.  Clear is better, the yellow is shown for better photos. I used a cut piece from a napkin that had texture to make the paper towels. Glue it and roll it up on the tube.  Leave a little tail loose.  This is very simple and inexpensive…….but looks pretty darn cute! 

Need to keep those hands clean in the kitchen!

Until next time……..